28, animal name Huge O

Huge Orange Problem

while chris and martin search for the endangered orangutan in the forests of borneo,while aviva,koki and jimmy.z. get

incredibly sore  thier muscles by swinging on vines,back in the forests chris and martin get tossed 3 times by an

orangutan and they lost thier kit,somehow they come with some herbal leaves and the orangutan let them go!back at

the hq,aviva,koki and jimmy.z. chew on the herbal leaves and get well,but zach has sent his zachbots to cut the trees

and the huge ape's habitat!will the kratt bros save the orangutans with thier creature power? 

Wild Kratts - The Big Strong Orange Guy(A Huge Orange Problem)26:26

Wild Kratts - The Big Strong Orange Guy(A Huge Orange Problem)

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